Our rates

Lending companies with whom we do business offer:

• An annual interest rate of 28 to 32% (apr)
• In case of default of payment, the applicable interest is 2.66% per month either 32% per year (AD)
• Fee for NSF checks: $ 50
• In case of non-payment and non cooperation, the debt will be sent to collection.
• A brokerage fee is applicable when obtaining the loan.

How it works

Once the completed application, your loan is deposited directly into your bank account there or payments will be withdrawn, according to the payment frequency determined when signing the contract. $ 40 fee will be charged to the borrower for each missed payment.

We do not automatically renew your loan.

Department reliable perception:

Our collection department using recognized and reliable methods. if you miss a payment, our collection agents will contact you to make payment arrangements. there are many ways to deal, at their discretion. when your payment is missed, the interest on the balance will continue to accrue. fresh lawfully incurred for the recovery of the amount due will be paid for by the borrower.

Any amount due will be collected until the end depending on what the law provides for this.

Policy on responsible lending:

Applications will be subject to a client's file analysis process to ensure that it is able to repay the loan. This process includes among others: check that your salary is sufficient, verification that you do not have too many missed payments and you do not have too much short-term loans outstanding, which could make your loan with us is not repaid on time. if one of these reasons proves correct, it could cause a denial.

Keep in a short-term loan head generates higher interest than a loan from a local financial institution. they are to be used as seldom as possible and if there is no other issues available at lower interest rates. used responsibly, short-term loan can prove to be the right solution for you, considering your financial emergency. make several loans with several companies of the kind can lead you to a debt overload and cause huge financial problems. please be responsible.

Faster payment:

You can pay off your loan more quickly if you wish. interested?

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