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About Loans Rapid Payday Loans...

Rapid Payday Loans is the immediate solution for all your money worries ...

We've all had at one time or another to experience financial difficulties, but are more concerned about: Rapid Payday Loans is there for you! We offer a personalized, simple, fast and efficient: In one hour you already have your answer.


No credit refused if you meet the requirements. We make no credit check. No matter the state of your credit report, you'll have no problem getting a loan with Rapid Payday Loans.

Renewing your loan does not happen automatically, you need to request it.

Repayment terms of our loans is 3 to 5 months.

By your application before 11:30 am, the money can be paid into your account within 24 hours.

Our company uses the responsible collection methods in compliance with Canadian legal requirements. If a problem occurs during the time that you are repaying your personal loan, our agents from the collections department will make payment arrangement with you while taking into consideration your current situation. Missed payments will accumulate interest on the unpaid balance. The borrower is responsible for all legal fees generated from recovering a past due balance.

Our loans are minimum of 90 days.

Lending companies partnering with us offer an approximate annual interest rate of 28% to 32%. If unpaid, the applicable interest rate is 2,66% per month (32% per year).

A $750 loan payable every two weeks and refundable in 8 payments will be $141.87 by payment for a total amount of $1134.96. This information is given as an example and considers the $325 brokerage fees to be added to the borrowed capital. The broker sets their commission for each case at their own discretion regardless of interests due to the lender agency.

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